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Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

Ponies Only


These little buckaroos are new to skijouring but dont let that fool you, with lion hearts and steady minds they plan to take over this arena. Arabella and Noah are all for fame and fortune but are more than that, they want to be CROWNDED King and Queen of the Pony run... When Noah Meyers aint shredding fresh POW he's conquering pokemon, when Arabella aint bronco-busting shes babysitting baby dolls; dont let the baby faces fool you, these two came to steal hearts and win buckles. Watch out HEBER CITY UTAH.


HORSE: dandy

- morgan/ 8 years old

- he smiles for pictures

RIDER: arabella rose kruger

- new to horses but she rides like the wind

SKIER: noah myers

- From Chicago and loves to shred



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