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Angel's Landing


Caitlin Cottam


Morgan Tew


Few women live as hopeful as these two!

Rider Caitlin has been riding & training horses for over 15 years. This is her 3rd year competing at Skijoring Utah! She currently works for Bridle Up Hope, a non-profit that promotes hope, confidence & resilience in young girls & women through equestrian training. Her horse’s name Angel’s Landing. She is an off reservation Mustang and worked as a dude horse outside Zion National Park most of her life. She has a need for speed that cannot be rivaled! 

Skier Morgan Tew also worked for Bridle Up Hope leading young girls as they learn how to serve & care for horses and the beautiful Bridle Up Hope Barn! She is in her third year of the Engineering Program at the University of Utah, planning to attend law school and has been riding horses since before she could walk!

She loves horses and she really loves to SKI!

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