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Jocelyn Sullivan

Jocelyn Sullivan



Jocelyn has been with Smokey for about 6 years now and has enjoyed every minute of it! Jocelyn grew up learning to ride and Smokey takes such great care of her riders, they are a match made in heaven. From the rodeo grounds to the mountain trails, you can find Jocelyn and Smokey all over Utah staying busy and having fun!
Smokey is a 16 year old American quarter horse but her black and white coloring makes her a paint horse! Horses like these are said to be called paint horses because of a Native American story about taming horses back in the day and these horses were said to be touched by the paintbrush of god! Smokey is such a fun horse, she loves snacks and treats so we call her our munch mouth! She loves snuggles and head scratches and her nickname is Smokey bear!
Jocelyn has been riding horses for as long as she can remember. The first time she ever rode a horse the saddle was loose and she ended up sliding off the side of the horse at just age 5! But that didn’t stop her from continuing to ride! Her and her family have competed in FFA, 4H horse shows, high school rodeo, reining competitions, rodeo queening and much more! Jocelyn loves being outdoors especially with her horses, family and friends! 

Although this is both Jocelyn and Smokey’s first year competing they’ve been sure to watch, learn and practice and are excited to hopefully find a teammate (skier or snowboarder) to give it a try and hopefully come home with a WIN!


HORSE: Smokey

- 16 American quarter horse paint

- Smokey carries many riders and loves what she does! She’s fast yet sure footed and takes care of all of her riders whether it’s a little lesson student, a rodeo queen or a flag girl, she does it all! Smokey loves hitting the trails and exploring, finding new places to have a snack! She loves treats and will stop for a snack anytime!

RIDER: Jocelyn Sullivan

- Jocelyn loves riding and competing in many forms and has loved all the lessons she’s learned on the back of many different horses! She finds peace in the mountains trail riding with her best four legged friends (dogs included) and finding new paths for more adventures everyday! If she has any free time she’s on the back of a horse without fail with her family and friends! She enjoys camping, fourwheeling, hammocking, trail riding, hiking and cooking!


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