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Just Horsin’ Around

Just Horsin’ Around



Haley is excited to compete in skijoring for the first time. She loves skiing and horses and has a lot of confidence in her horse rider, Sydney. 


HORSE: Dually

- 14 year old quarter horse

- Dually is a 14 year old quarter horse with a heart of gold, a personality of a puppy, a zest for life and an all around great horse. Dually is a ranch bred boy who enjoys everything we do with him that includes 4H, rodeo queening, trail rides, speed events, cow work, bareback rides and more.

RIDER: Sydney Nielson

- Sydney is a high school junior who has a passion for anything horse related. She is always willing to try new things and is excited to try a sport she hasn’t competed in before. She currently does 4H, FFA, and rodeo activities. She loves to make people happy and has an infectious smile to go along with it.

SKIER: Haley Christiansen

- Haley is a mom of triplets and loves competition! She is a runner, biker, and skier and is excited to give skijoring a go!



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