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Lucy Gooses

Lucy Gooses



Lucy Gooses here to make their very first debut! Lets get loose!



- 9 year old Paint Mare

- First appearance after foaling last season. She 'foaled' me once! She aint no goose but she got a big caboose!

RIDER: Colton Lambert

- Colton, AKA "COPDOC" lives in Heber and loves spending time with his babe of a wife and their 3 carbon-copy offspring. Colton has always endeared to be a real cowboy and is nearly bankrupt now after buying his first horse 5 years ago. He has been the skier in past competitions and is making a switcheroo to the rider for the first time in competition. He loves racing his kids, the Ninja Turtles, Utah Utes and Freedom.

SKIER: Alex Bertha

- Alex, AKA "Banana Fred", is a San Diego native and transplant to the mountains. He is an excellent snow blader and loves BBQ food. Alex especially loves to dig holes and do cool tricks for his 3 little girls



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