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Professional Amateurs

Professional Amateurs



Ride like you have nothing to loose!


HORSE: Renagade

- 5 year old Quarter Horse

- Renegade is a 5 year old Quarter Horse I’ve had since he was just a baby. He is currently my barrel horse and we have the most fun together! He has done everything from barrel racing, roping, reining, skijoring, trail riding, and more. He would be the worlds best puppy dog if he didn't weigh over 1000lbs! He is sweet, funny and is always trying to impress. When it comes to winning, he doesn't take crap from anybody! See y'all in February!

RIDER: Aubrie Robbins

- Howdy everyone! My name is Aubrie and I am SO stoked for this years competition! I love skijoring. I've done a lot of things with horses but this by far has been my absolute favorite thing. I love riding, snowboarding, spending time with my husband and our little 4 month old and just trying new things! I competed in the sport last year and definitely feel the pro is my next step up! Am really looking forward to competing again this year with some cool people!

SKIER: Ben White

- Ben White has never done one of these before but because he ski raced in New England, he thought that he should sign up for the pro course for his first time. As a skier just entering his 30's, he's finding that as he visits his favorite jumps and bumps at Snowbird, he keeps saying "I'm not 19 anymore"



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