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RJR River Rats

RJR River Rats



Troy (not a member of the team), excels in talking others into doing things (some call this Gas Lighting, but Troy believes it helping others achieve their full potential). Getting Wyatt and Bryan to sign up for skijoring was easy.  
Wyatt with his full send or no send mentality was on board when he saw his first skijoring video.  Wyatt has been skiing for 13 of his 20 years on earth.  While he thinks he is better than his Dad (Troy), the reality is he doesn’t feel pain like his dad does.    
Bryan was in when he heard he would win a buckle.  Bryan is a horseman at his core and loves anything horse related.  He is also an amazing athlete the loves to win.  

The real question is….   Can Wyatt hang on as fast as Bryan can ride?


HORSE: Whiskey

- 5 year old Quarter Horse

- Runs Fast, Handsome, For Sale

RIDER: Bryan Hicks

- Rides Fast, Handsome, and Married (with 6 kids)

SKIER: Wyatt Jenkins

- Skis Fast, Handsome, Married, and Proudly featured on Jerry of the Day



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