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The Cowboys

The Cowboys

Lil' Buckaroo


Parley is excited to compete with Big Mac and his grandpa! This will be his first time competing in skijoring and he is excited to make his debut with a horse the same age as him! 


HORSE: Big Mac

- Age 6 draft cross

- Big Mac is a 6 year old draft cross that just wants to please. He has done a variety of activities in his young life and is always willing to play and experience new activities. He is a goofball and a love all at the same time. He is the teddy bear of the barn and everyone who meets him is a fan.

RIDER: Corey Lindley

- Corey recently retired and is looking forward to this new phase of his life being able to spend more time having fun with his grandkids!

SKIER: Parley Christiansen

- Parley is a triplet and loves sea animals, skiing, and riding horses!



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