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Tabbie Jo Jensen


Clint Waddoups


Hey everyone! Clint Waddoups here- 1st time skijoring,, long time horse and skiing fan.. especially at the same time! Yeeehaww!! Local Utahan born and raised, Grew a love of horses playing on Grandpa Wilde's ranch, and learned to keep my tips up on beaver mountain! Nowadays North Ogden is where I call home, Insurance Entrepreneur is my trade, and my little 3 year-old boy Jack is my best little sidekick. I enjoy spending time in the mountains, scoring double bogeys on the Golf course, and dusting off my cowboy hat when I get a chance! Thanks for letting me join the party this year!!

For Horse and Rider we have Tabbie Jo Jensen riding Draco. I am a life long horse lover, having 8 of my own I am always looking for the next event to try with my herd. This is my 3rd year competing in Skijoring and I have quickly become very passionate about the sport. In my eyes, the faster the better! Draco is an Off Track Appendix. He is 8 years old and never done anything like this before. He has had a lot of people give up on him but he has found his forever home with me, Sometimes he drives me absolutely crazy but I wouldn't trade him for the world!

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