Current Wasatch County COVID-19 restrictions include the following: 

  1. MAX GATHERING OF 500:  We will need to limit the total number of people at the event to 500 people or less.  This includes competitors AND spectators.  It is important to register your team to compete and/or purchase your spectator tickets IN ADVANCE as we will not be able to accommodate you at the gate without advance reservations.

  2. A BREAK EVERY 2 HOURS:  Every 2 hours we will be required to clear the stadium/competition area for a minimum of 1/5 hour before return.  This includes all competitors and spectators.  You can vacate out to the parking lot area where we will have food & refreshment trucks for your enjoyment.  We will announce over the loud speaker when these breaks will happen. 

  3. MASKS:  Masks are required to enter the venue and should be worn throughout the event. 

  4. SOCIAL DISTANCING:  Social distancing should be practiced as much as possible.

  5. TICKET SALES:  Due to COVID-19 we are only selling tickets in groups of four (you must purchase tickets 4 at a time).  

These policies are put into place and enforced by Wasatch County.  Please be kind and supportive to SkiJoring Utah staff as we have no choice but to enforce these guidelines.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. 

We are all in this together!