We love & appreciate all the loyal teams who race every year, and we welcome all teams who are new. Ya'll are what make this event so great, thank you!

Please review all of the information below.



Wasatch Events Complex, Heber Utah .

8:00AM-10:00AM: Check-in (if you aren't able to make it on Thursday night)

12:00PM:  Competitor meeting & course walk through

2:00PM:  Competition begins

DIVISION ORDER: Novice, Lil Buckaroo, Ponies Only, Snowboard, Century, Pro, Sport, Women's, All-around

RACE ORDER: Please be ready and at the warm-up start area when your division is called and be ready to line up in order.

We will start on time and stay on time.  Being aware of your order and being in the right place at the right time will help us stay on schedule. Please stay aware of where we are in the race order.

DURATION: It is impossible to predict exactly, but we anticipate that it will take us through 8:00PM to race all teams.


Wasatch Events Complex, Heber Utah

8:00AM:  Competitor meeting & course walk through

9:00AM:  Competition begins

DIVISION ORDER: Novice, Pro, Sport, Lil Buckaroo, Century, Snowboard, Showdown, Ponies Only, Women's, All-around

RACE ORDER: Please be ready and at the warm-up start area when your division is called and be ready to line up in order.

We will start on time and stay on time.  Being aware of your order and being in the right place at the right time will help us stay on schedule. Please stay aware of where we are in the race order.

BIG AIR: The Big Air competition will be held immediately after all races have been completed on Saturday. You can still register for Big Air on our website CLICK HERE. Please note that Big Air is an individual event for skiers/snowboarders only. It is not a team event, only the skier/boarder needs to register. However, we do ask for volunteer horses/riders to stay saddled up and help pull the skiers into the jump)

DURATION: It is impossible to predict exactly, but we anticipate that it will take us through 5:00PM t0 race all teams and do the Big Air.


COMBINED TIMES (AVERAGE): All teams in every
division will race one time on Friday and one time on Saturday. Division
standings will be determined by the combined average time of your Friday race
time and your Saturday race time combined.

PRIZES: First place in each division wins a buckle. First through third
place in the Sport and Pro divisions win cash ($20k total). First through third
place in every other division win really cool prizes that include things like
Stockli Skis, Bakcou electric scooter, Wyld Gear coolers & drinkware,
Arnoldsen Leather products, Rings out West jewelry, Rockwell watches, Brandless
Blenders, Bucked Up products, Homestead Resort vouchers, Jack Wolfskin gear,
Camp Chef products, and much more!

SHOWDOWN ROUND: The top 50 single fastest race times in the
Sport & Pro divisions will qualify for the Showdown Round. If one of your
runs (either Friday or Saturday) is within the 50 fastest times, you will be
entered to race one more time in an additional bonus round on Saturday
afternoon. The team with the fastest time in the Showdown Round is winner takes
all $5k purse.



PRO | $250 | Pro teams are considered to be the highest skilled skiers and riders with the fastest horses.  Pro teams compete for cash payouts, first place buckles & other prizes.

SPORT | $200 | Sport teams ride horses that are fast but maybe not quite as fast as the pro class. They pull advanced skiers who may not quite be at the pro level.  Sport teams are skilled, fast & fun to watch.  Sport teams compete for cash payouts, first place buckles & other prizes. 

NOVICE | $150 | Novice teams are considered to be beginning level competitors riding horses that may not have speed enough to be competitive in the PRO or the SPORT class with skiers who are in it to just have a great time.  This includes beginner skiers to intermediate skiers of all ages & ability levels.  Don't be scared or intimidated!  We encourage everyone with desire to give it a try!  Novice teams compete for first place buckles & other prizes (no cash). 




WOMEN'S ONLY | $150 | Women's teams are considered intermediate level skill participants. Women's teams compete only against other women for first place buckles & other prizes (no cash). 

SNOWBOARDERS ONLY | $150 | Snowboarder teams are considered intermediate level skill participants. Snowboarder teams compete only against other snowboarders for buckles & other prizes (no cash).   

CENTURY | $150 | The combined age of the horseback rider and skier must equal 100 years or greater.  Century teams are considered intermediate level skill participants. Century teams compete for first place buckles & other prizes (no cash).  

ALL-AROUND | $150 | The All-Around division is for cross athletes.  This is SkiJoring at it's roots.  Teammates must each make a run once riding the horse and once skiing.  All-around teams are considered intermediate level skill participants. All-around teams compete for first place buckles & other prizes (no cash).  

LIL' BUCKAROO | $25 | The Lil' Buckaroo is for kids under the age of 10.  Bring their horse and they can ride and pull a friend or sibling.  If they don't ride, an adult can pull the child.  If you don't have a horse, your child can sign up to ski/snowboard and we will provide a horse and rider for them and provide the pull.  Lil' Buckaroo is $25 whether its a team or just an individual, $25 either way.  The course will be simplified.  This is all about just having fun and letting kids to be involved in the sport!

PONIES ONLY | $25 | Same rules apply as the Lil' Buckaroo division, but you have to bring a pony (under 13 hands) & a rider & a skier under the age of 10.




In our MAIN divisions (Novice, Sport & Pro) a skier can compete on a total of four (4) different teams. A horse can compete on a total of two (2) different teams. Neither horses or skiers can compete in two different MAIN DIVISIONS. You can't cross compete in the MAIN divisions.

These are the limitations that apply to our MAIN divisions, and they apply to our MAIN divisions only. Horses and skiers can compete in a main division (up to the limits above) and then still compete in secondary divisions additionally.

We will not place a limit on skiers or horses competing additionally in our secondary divisions. As it relates to horses - we simply ask that horse owners be aware of your horse's limitations/physical conditions and not compete with a horse beyond what is within the ability and condition of your horse.

MULTI-TEAM DISCOUNT: Each team requires it's own registration & fees. If you are registering more than one team, use the coupon code 2TEAMS at checkout to receive $50 off your additional team(s).




The Big Air Competition will take place on Saturday afternoon after all of the divisions have raced. The Big Air Competition is for the Skiers/Snowboarders (not a team event).

Competitors (skier or snowboarder) will be pulled by a horse over a jump and will be judged based on their distance from the lip of the jump to where they land. It's about distance...but speed, launch & height help you get distance!

Horse & Rider will be provided for those who do not have a partner to pull them. Each competitor gets two jumps.

This is always a crowd favorite and a lot of fun!

*$35 per competitor entry

*First place buckle is awarded to the winner and prizes to be awarded to top three finishers.

*Compete at your own risk




NEW COURSE LAYOUT: See our new 2024 course layout below.

REGISTRATION & PROFILES: Read above how you will create & manage your own team profile and have an online presence for fans to follow. Your profile will also be used by the announcers & the Cowboy Channel broadcast.

NEW SHOWDOWN ROUND: The top 50 fastest times from Friday & Saturday morning (single run time, not average) will qualify to compete in the SHOWDOWN round on Saturday afternoon. Winner takes all for $5,000.

DEADLINE: Please get registered early & don't procrastinate. To ensure a better organized event for everyone, we are requiring that all team registrations be completed by Tuesday, Feb 13th. We will enforce this deadline, so please get registered. There will no longer be any last minute team additions.

FACEBOOK GROUP: We've started a Facebook Group "Team Up for Skijoring Utah" to help connect skiers/snowboarders with horses & riders. Join today & form new teams!

NEW DIVISION: We've added the "Ponies Only" division for ponies under 13 hands with kids under 10 years old. Bring out the little ones!

TEAM SPONSORSHIPS: We are encouraging teams to go out and get their own sponsorships. Go find a local business to sponsor your teams and help pay your entry fees. You can name your team after their business which will end up being used by the announcer, instant replay & the cowboy channel.



We are proud to be in our third year of partnership with the Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel Plus. Folks from all over the World watch SkiJoring Utah livestream on Cowboy Channel Plus during day of the event. A one hour highlight reel is later broadcast on the Cowboy Channel.

Share the link with family and friends, wherever they are, and let 'em know you're going to be famous.

Cowboy Channel

2024 Course Layout

Check out the new course layout for 2024! It starts outside the arena on the north-west side and features a gentle swooping curve in the arena that finishes on the north-east side.

2024 Prizes & Payouts

A huge thank you to our competitors, spectators and sponsors who make it possible to have great prizes and payouts. The main intent of SkiJoring Utah is to bring great people together and have a great time. But it's also fun to have great prizes.

SPORT, PRO/OPEN and Showdown Round payouts are as detailed in the image.

Champion buckles and a long list of wonderful prizes are awarded to first, second & third places in all other divisions.



SkiJoring Utah 2023 will be held at the Wasatch County Events Center in Heber, UT.  We are super excited about this venue.  You can board your horses right on property and everything is super close and convenient.  The address is:  415 S Fld Rd, Heber City, UT 84032


We encourage you to make a weekend of SkiJoring Utah and plan a getaway to beautiful Heber City, Utah - within a stone's throw of Park City, Utah.  Enjoy SkiJoring races during the afternoon and evening of Friday, February 16th and again during the day on Saturday, February 17th.  


While planning your SkiJoring Utah weekend getaway, please keep the following resources in mind:

LODGING:  Numerous quality lodging opportunities exist in Kamas, Park City and the Heber Valley.  We highly recommend a stay at our preferred lodging partners THE ZERMATT RESORT & SPATHE HOMESTEAD RESORT and THE BEST WESTERN PLUS 

DINING:  Numerous quality dining opportunities exist in the Heber Valley including dining opportunities at the preferred lodging partners listed above.  We also recommend local restaurants and businesses found our LOCAL CHAMBER WEBSITE.


For those of you bringing your equine teammates, please consider the convenient option of boarding right at the race venue.  They also have RV parking & hookups for rigs with living quarters. For arrangements, please visit their website or give them a call at (435) 657-3240. You can also reserve stalls and RV spaces online. CLICK HERE FOR STALL OR RV RESERVATIONS


All competitors must register online & create a profile.   Liability waiver must be completed for both skiers and riders who registered online at or before check-in (CLICK HERE). Written parental consent is required for participants under 18 years of age. A parent or legal guardian must be present at registration. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 12TH. Registration fees are per team. Only one person from your team needs to register and they will enter their partners information. During the registration process, skier name, rider name, horse name, team name, etc. will be asked. Read through and familiarize yourself with the REGULATIONS & RULES prior to the event. Please note that horses can be entered in two teams and skiers can be entered in four teams. Open and sport horses and skiers may not cross enter into any other division. Cross-entry between the Novice, Junior, and Century divisions is permitted. 


All teams will run one time on Friday and then again another time on Saturday. Division order and race order will be announced. We have added a new Championship Round for the Pro & Sport divisions this year. They will run on Friday and Saturday morning. Then the top 50 single fastest times will compete in a championship round on Saturday afternoon.


We prefer that you register as a team, but we do accept individual registrations.  If you do register as an individual, we do ask that you make the effort to find a teammate on your own.  Join our Facebook Group for Teams and browse our MEET THE TEAMS page and reach out to potential teammates. 


Please see payout information above.


There is no insurance for horse, rider or skier.  PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK.