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SkiJoring Utah



Have a booth at SkiJoring Utah for your business or product!

We would love to have you!  Literally thousands of people attend the event!  This is a great venue for you to sell and/or promote your product and business.  We have two options for you.  You choose which is best for you, we are fine either way! 

OPTION #1  |  $300 PAYMENT ONLY:  You pay $300.00 for a booth space.

OPTION #2  |  $100 PAYMENT PLUS PRODUCT DONATION:  You pay $100.00 for a booth space plus donate $300.00 worth of product that we can use to give out as prizes to competitors and to the crowd (extra promotion for your business or product).

Set-up will be on the morning of Friday, February 16th before 11:00am (must be set up before 11am).  The event runs Friday afternoon from 2:00pm-8:00pm and again on Saturday from 9:00am-5:00pm.  Take down is Saturday evening after the event is over.

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