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Apres Amateurs

Apres Amateurs



Meet the dynamic duo of Team Après amateurs! Denya and Jared form a formidable team, combining their respective expertise in horsemanship and skiing. With their passion, dedication, and complementary skills, they are ready to take on the skijoring competition and leave a lasting impression.


HORSE: Wrangler

- 5 quarter draft

- He’s worth his weight in gold and this chunky monkey is gaining every day!

RIDER: Denya Rittman

- Leading the charge is Denya Rittman, an experienced horse rider with a lifelong passion for working with these majestic creatures. With a background in equine massage and bodywork, Denya brings a deep understanding of horse behavior and care to the team. Skijoring is a thrilling new adventure for her, and she's excited to showcase her skills in this competition.

SKIER: Jared Kamholtz

- Joining Denya is Jared Kamholtz, a seasoned skier hailing from upstate New York. Having moved out west eight years ago, Jared has fully embraced the mountain lifestyle and spends an impressive 50 days each season on skis. His years of skiing experience have honed his technique and given him a keen sense of control on the slopes.



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