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Spurs and Skis

Spurs and Skis



Rance and Ozzie met a couple of years ago through their wives and instantly became friends. Each of them is open-minded and always looking to try something new. Their motto is, "Speed. I AM SPEED."


HORSE: Charger

- Quarter Horse, 7

- Charger finds a way to your heart through one way or another. He does anything you want him to, can run anything down, and acts like a clown 95% of the time.

RIDER: Rance Jensen

- Rance Jensen grew up riding horses on the family ranch. He participated, and still does, in lots of sports, including rodeo, and loves to be outside and active.

SKIER: Ozzie Johnson

- Ozzie has a few passions: food, the gym, golf, and trying new things. Skijoring is just the newest exciting thing to add to Ozzie's resume of exciting things.



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