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Look Good Play Good!

Look Good Play Good!



A man once said "If you're not first, you're last", but we're ladies and the motto is "Look good, play good"! Luckily our boy Titan is the best lookin' man around and win or loose we booze! 🍺😎👉

We all use to be studs! Now we're all growing up and don't get to horse around like we use too. 


HORSE: Titan

- 10 year old Warlander

- **STRENGTHS** 1) Long mane gives him an unworldly allure. 2) Hide yo wife, hide yo kids... he'll steal your heart and empty your bank account. 3) Rears. **WEAKNESSES** 1) ^Key word "use" to be studs ? don't mention it... it's still too soon for him. 2) Rears.


- **STRENGTHS** 1) “Horse Girl Energy" unprecedented. 2) Ridden, trained or competed in many disciplines: Eventing, Barrel Racing, Vaulting, Doma Vequara, Skijoring, Bareback Racing, Jumpers, Skijoring... the list goes on. 3) Likes to go fast. - **WEAKNESSES** 1) Low to medium survival instincts. 2) Can't say "no" to a dare.


- **STRENGTHS** 1) Ex-pro skier 2) Mentally, still feels like a pro. 3) Moderate “Horse Girl Energy”. **WEAKNESSES** 1) Washed-up-pro skier. 2) Physically, not a pro anymore.



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